About Carl

Carl Wilkens (www.worldoutsidemyshoes.org) is the former head of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency International in Rwanda.  In 1994, he was the only American who chose to remain in the country after the genocide began.  His choice to stay and try to help resulted in preventing the massacre of hundreds of children over the course of the genocide. 

Wilkens was featured in Frontline’s "Ghosts of Rwanda" and "The Few Who Stayed: Defying Genocide," an American Radio Works documentary which aired on National Public Radio.  His story reminds us of the profound connection between history and the moral choices we face each day.  It also arms us with new insights in the fight against genocide  along with tools and inspiration for re-evaluating the relationships we are part of every day.
Wilkens’ humanitarian work has been recognized with several awards including the Dignitas Humana Award from Saint John’s School of Theology Seminary and a 2005 Medal of Valor from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

This year, Wilkens has embarked on a multi-city tour of the
United States to share his story with students, teachers, activists, policy-makers and community members.  While sharing experiences of what day to day life in Rwanda was like during the genocide, Wilkens focuses on the courage and resilience he witnessed with people facing horrendous choices in the middle of unimaginable slaughter.

Wilkens asks if we really do believe what we see, or is it more often that we see what we believe, which makes exploring what we believe about ourselves and others so important in shaping the world we are a part of.

Our Goal:      To inspire and equip people to stand up

                       against genocide, racism, and intolerance.


Our Values:  Integrity • Dignity • Community

                       Simplicity • Respond-ability


Our Motto:     One person really can ignite change

                        when they discover the power of choice!

If you would like to book Carl Wilkens for a school, community, or church/temple event please email him at: carl@worldoutsidemyshoes.org..

Wilkens’ telling of his own experiences puts a human “face” on genocide,  showing us that the perpetrators, victims, and resistors will not soon be forgotten, and teaching participants how one person really can make a difference.