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Click here for larger view of letter from high school junior to Carl WilkensSpreading the word–by bike!

From Spokane to Seattle, then south to California and turning east through the southern states during the winter months. Finally, turning north as spring rolls around.

Carl uses a storytelling format to talk about the genocide and the treacherous thinking that says we can solve a problem by excluding someone.

During the Q&A time practical applications are made between his stories and the challenges we face every day.

Do not feel left out if you happen to not be on the bike route, Carl and Teresa will be happy to make arrrangements to park the bikes, fly to your destination to make a presentation and return to resume riding once again.

Humanitarian worker Carl Wilkens was the only American to remain in Kigali, Rwanda throughout the 1994 genocide. His actions saved the lives of hundreds.

The PBS Frontline documentary Ghosts of Rwanda” and NPR’s The Few Who Stayed” featured parts of Carl’s work.

8 min VIDEO interview by Road Trip Nation Students



Contact Carl regarding a visit to your school, church or civic organization, click here.


Pedaling2Peace – sharing stories from the Rwanda

genocide with schools & communities across America.

Our Goal: To inspire and equip people to stand up

against genocide, racism, and intolerance.

Our Values: Integrity • Dignity • Community

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Our Motto: One person really can ignite change

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