Only 1 day till we ride out of Spokane!

September 11th, 2009

Been on the road or a week and we are more excited then when we began!


Download the tour brochure
Read about Wilkens’ story from the Inlander Sept 9-09
Or read about it from NY Times Saying No To Killers



We got our 501(c)3 tax exempt status! Public Charity


Thank you so very, very much!

What we currently need are gifts that will enable us to continue presenting in public schools who have limited or no budget for this type of assembly program (we all know how our school budgets have been hit).
While some schools are able to pay something and/or do fund-raising for Pedaling2Peace, we are still not quite meeting our monthly expenses.
Another way to give support….
4,600 MILES
Become a sponsor and donate all at once, or over 9 months
– a penny a mile ($46)
– a nickel a mile ($230)
– a dime a mile ($460)
– a quarter a mile ($1150) 


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