West Billings High School

December 16th, 2009

Looking forward to hearing what your thoughts and ideas are, Carl

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  1. Jesse Costello says:

    Just want to say how great it was to have you come to Billings, and how great it was spending time with you. I hope the drive and everything went well for you guys. I really learned a lot from what you had to tell us, and I’m sure everyone else did to. I really enjoyed what you had to say about the rehumanizing factor, as well as the fact that the line of good and evil goes through everyone. I look forward to keeping in touch, and learning more about your projects. Thanks again

  2. Rob Stanton says:

    Teresa and Carl,
    Thank you for your visit. It was amazing experience for me and I hope to have you back in Montana for another presentation!! Our kids were lucky to have you speak to them and the message you brought. Thanks again. Rob
    *The weather will be better for your next visit!*

  3. Porter Hanna (male) says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Wilkens,
    It was great to have you come and speak to us. I loved to listen to your ideas, and I apologize that I was unable to stay for all of your second session. The most interesting thing to me was the idea of rehumanization. I just wondered if, for people to murder their friends and neighbors, it was necessary for them not to think of them as human. One idea that was also very interesting to me was when you discussed what it took to make a genocide while we were having lunch. What does make some attempts at genocide fail and why do some attempts succeed? Your presentation was amazing, but I would have loved to hear a few more stories about your actual experiences in Rwanda. Thank you so much for coming and speaking to us!

  4. Chani Nava (female) says:

    Hello Mr. Wilkins! I wanted to thank you and let you know what a pleasure it was to hear you speak this monday. You have an incredible story. I thought by sharing your stories and personal relationships with us you let us feel a personal connection to the horrible events in Rwanda also. I was also very fond of how little structure you had to your lecture. By coming in and simply “rolling with it” you allowed us to include our own questions in the presentation, which steered very clear of boring. Once again, thank you for sharing your story, you are an incredible man.

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