“What are students saying about the presentations?”

"He inspired me to take action"
I like that he was "human" "real"
"We can make a difference"
"Don't point fingers – look at their perspective"
"Labels are harmful"
"He focused on the people [of Rwanda] – I liked that"
"I liked his stories about the children then and now … the pictures showing how they grew up…"
"He re-humanized" even the perpetrators
"He humanizes people"
"I liked how he sees the importance of language [and how difficult it is to find the right word] – he looks for the right words"
"Carl didn't put us in a state of fear, but in a state of reflection"
"I loved the stories of humanity and the children"
"I liked that woman's quote – 'We are all children of God'"
"He had courage in a realistic fashion"
"I [found it interesting] that he admitted he had conflicting emotions about making alliances with the perpetrators in order to save the orphans"
"He was honest and acknowledged he has prejudices and has to work [through] them, just like we do"
"Take small steps"
"I like that he is still trying to make a difference"
"I liked his story about Trifine"
"I liked his story about the guy in the Raiders jacket"
"I liked his personal stories – they made connections with us"
"It is important to heal and forgive"
"I liked the question and answer format"
"It is not just the government/UN who must be involved – we must be involved"
"I admire Teresa, she set aside her own feelings for the benefit of others"
"Teresa is just as heroic as Carl"
"Carl changed the way I think"
"Although facts are important, I like how his talk was personal and not just facts"
"I like his modern connections"
"I like his humor and stories"
"I liked the letter from the student… that's how I felt too"
"I liked his relateable emotions"
"I liked that he focused more on the upstanders and doing good"
"I want to join him on his bike!"
"I love how he described the beauty of the people"
"Start small"
"I liked the story about the kid who refused to kill anyone"
"I'm inspired by Carl, his wife, and his children"
"I like that others inspired Carl"
"I liked his bike stories"
"I liked his story and connection to the children who helped him clean out the barrels"
"I liked how he explored the word, peace, – how this word has different meanings for different people"
"I liked when he said humanity has the capacity for good and for evil"
"I liked how he showed the humanity of the perpetrators – they're not just all evil – when he talked about the militia carrying a machine gun in one arm and blankets for the orphans in the other"
"I like that Carl and Teresa are still upstanders"
"… Like what we have learned in class this year, humans are a paradox with the potential to do good or evil" … "the choice is ours…"
"I like the story about Todd – play the game well, we are teammates, not competitors"
"I admire his courage to go through the pain to tell us and others about his experience"
"I like hearing about what current students are doing or have done [to make a difference in the world]"
"I liked the story about the girl who thought the photographer was half goat"
"Building relationships is so important"
"I like the story of the boy who saw the news article about – I think it was India, and how he is now doing something for those children"
"I like that he is upbeat"
"We always have a choice"
"Don't define Rwanda by 100 days of history"
"You have a choice even if it is only a choice on how you suffer"
"I like the offer of hope, not just sadness – we felt empowered"
"Start small – I can do that"
"Look beyond the perpetrator – they are human"
"I like his stories about life"
"I like his connections"
"We can be different [than those in the past], we can make a difference"
"He was real, genuine and he connected with us"
"I like his humility – he made me feel that he is just like us"
"I like the pictures of the kids in Rwanda and the stories"
"We are people" … "We are all part of the human family"
"Look through the eyes of others"
"Why do our service clubs on campus feel the need to compete?  Because you know, it really sometimes becomes a competition.  We need to work together… set common goals and work towards them"
"I like the story about the kids who were asked, 'who should go?'; it revealed stereotypes and the importance of [all] people"
"The line between perpetrator and victim moves easily"
"Hate and jealousy can lead to danger"
"You can never do enough"
"We always have choices"
"I want to make a difference"
"Start small"
Students at Mission San Jose High School
Fremont, CA
February 2010